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      2. About

        Guangdong Jiangmen Hongxiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of high-quality excavator, bulldozer and other construction machinery parts. Our company was founded in 2000, the factory area of 18000 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment, the introduction of excellent processing technology, but also has a high-quality production design and marketing team.

        Our main products include walking reducer assembly, rotary reducer assembly; gear, ring gear, transmission shaft; planetary carrier, hub, pump housing, slewing shaft seat, end cover; gasket, bearing, oil seal and other supporting products. Our company has produced more than 12000 kinds of transmission parts for excavators and bulldozers, which are suitable for more than 500 models.

        After unremitting efforts, "rich experience, stable quality, strong and durable, complete varieties, dedicated service" has become our continuous development advantage in the fierce market competition.